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Türkiye's Travel Guide

"Türkiye's Travel Guide"

All kinds of tourist information of Türkiye are in this small guidebook!

The English version of the "Türkiye's Travel Guide" where author Hande AĞIRMAN outlines the historical and touristic places, the origin of their names, history, climate, natural resources, food cultures, and cultural features of all provinces of Türkiye from Adana to Düzce, is a sourcebook that you should keep at hand for all your trips. Enjoy Türkiye's history and world-famous culture and popular tourist attractions with this book.

In this work prepared with long efforts, love of the country, and patience, you will learn many features of all cities of Türkiye that you have not known so far. This is a basic book where you can find the features of all provinces of Türkiye together.

Türkiye's Travel Guide

Stok kodu: Hande Ağırman
99,00₺ Normal Fiyat
94,05₺İndirimli Fiyat
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