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Engin Tan narin was born in Antakya 07.07.1972. He studied in Antakya until the age of 13 than he went to England to complete his upper education in st. Lawrence College and graduated from University of Buckingham in 1995 with be honours degree on modern history and politics. Since than he has been working with the family company of BYS Holding INC. Where he holds the position of vice-chairman. He is extensively well travelled over 120 countries. This is the second book of mr. Narin. The first book was more about political issues in Turkey and was published in Turkish. He prefered to publish his second book in english language due to the content of the book where the philosophy of the english mind is more open to such topics. He is married with two sons. He was the Chairman for mediterreanean trade union for 8 years and for the last 4 years he is the member of board for Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he handled the projects of Mersin exhibitions, Mersin offshore races and many other projects which benefitted the city of Mersin.

Mr. Narin has played the piano for 11 years and practiced art of drawing for 6 years. He plays almost all sports including rugby, hockey, cricket, shooting, football, basketball, aikido, muay thai, mountain climbing, long-distance walks and photography. He has a very advantures character where each challange is a game whether in business writings or simple life attaractions.


Stok kodu: Engin Tan Narin
135,00₺ Normal Fiyat
128,25₺İndirimli Fiyat
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